Lovely Leni

Lovely Leni

Lovely Leni
Age 2015
Breed Hanoverian
Height 16.3 h (170 cm)
Gender Mare
Color Chestnut
Lineage Livaldon - Floriscount - Karon

Leni made a fantastic debut at fourth level winning both her classes, with great potential for the future.  This is indeed a super talented and pretty mare for sport and breeding purchased as a foal from the Verden foal auction, who is now a special premium mare with one of the highest mare performance test results in Hanover in 2019 and also inspected GOV with a rare overall 8.  She received an average of 8.67 on her gaits, a 9 on rideability and a 9.5 from the test rider at her mare performance test. Lovely Leni was fourth at Nationals in the five year old division and was the Reserve Champion USDF five year old in 2020. Leni won the 2020 AHS High Score Award for the Young Horse Dressage Divisions. She qualified and was invited to nationals as a six year old.  She is going super in a double and getting ready to show 4-3 with PSG coming soon and GP potential.

Bred by Dieter Kreyenhagen.  Her damline is ALKYONE II, Hannover Stutenstamm 1191003, Schridde 168.  We have an early embryo  transfer pregnancy with Sezuan with a recipient.

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