Jamaica (Elite Mare)

Age 2005
Breed Oldenburg
Height 17 hands
Gender Mare
Color Black
Lineage Jazz Time - Latimer - Carprilli

Our first warmblood broodmare who we feel privileged to be able to buy back to finish her breeding career and then be retired.  Jamaica is a former Vechta auction horse who has earned her Elite Mare status through her top progeny. Elite Mare Jamaica’s first foal Elite mare Donatella M by Furstenball is a successful international Grand Prix horse, won the Developing GP championship and was the Reserve National Grand Prix Champion in 2021, now a very successful international Grand Prix horse. Her daughter Premium Mare Dulce Rosa by For Romance won in hand and under saddle at Devon Horse Show. Senzation by Sezuan is moving up the levels making his FEI debut as an 8 year old. Her son Harvest Moon by Harvest and her daughter Delphina by Davos are developing very well with also the promise to be successful FEI horses one day.


Jamaica foaled a super colt by Vasari in May 2022, and another gorgeous colt by So Perfect in May 2023.  We will breed her back to So Perfect to try to have one more foal prior to retirement.

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Zacklina (HPM)

Age 2014
Breed Hanoverian
Height 17 h
Gender Mare
Color Dark Bay
Lineage Zack - SPS Flocke (Florestan - Athletico)

Hanoverian premium mare from the dam line of international Grand Prix horse Donnelly. Trained through Third/Fourth Level. Qualified at first level for regionals in 2019. Delivered an amazing filly foal by Friendscount II in 2021 and a super elite / premium colt by Galacy Coeur in 2022 . Is back in foal to Galaxy Coeur for 2023. Bred by Helmut Schlomer.  Her damline is EINFUHR, Hannover Stutenstamm 3193303, Schridde 297.

Eivy (Verband Premium)

Age 2016
Breed Westphalian
Height 16.3hh
Gender Mare
Color Chestnut
Lineage Escolar - Diatano

Verbands Premium Mare Eivy is very pretty mare sound for sport who had a super first foal, a 2022 colt by Jameson that we will be importing to the US as a stallion prospect, and is in foal to Bonds for a 2024 foal.  We will be retaining the Bonds foal, and she is offered for sale to rebreed or put back under saddle.

She comes from a strong dam line (Cabanda,Hannover Stutenstamm 1191207,Schridde 239) with a lot of approved stallions and FEI horses: Approved stallions: u.a. Dubrovnik NRW v. Diamond Hit (Siegerhengst Körung MS’11, DR int. Inter A/B/II erfolgr.), Bonamour v. Bonifatius (DR int. Grand Prix erfolgr./Hubertus Schmidt), Bugatti Hilltop v. Bergamon (DR int. S erfolgr./Michael Klimke), Scuderia v. Sir Donnerhall (DR int. PSG/Inter I erfolgr.), Donnerschlag v. Donnerhall (DR int. Grand Prix erfolgr.), Ragazzo v. Raphael (DR S erfolgr.), Riverside v. Regazzoni, Wall Street v. Weltmeyer, Avantgarde v. A Jungle Prince (DR S erfolgr.), Al Cambero v. Acorado, Grenoble v. Goldstein, Pik Bube I-II v. Pik König, Raphanus v. Raphael (SPR 1,40 m erfolgr.), Rüter Ldb. v. Raphael (DR S erfolgr.), Santana v. Sandro Hit (DR int. Grand Prix erfolgr.), Werbefunk Ldb. v. Wedekind Additional sport horses: Duvie v. Ducello (DR Grand Prix erfolgr.), Aldebaran v. A Jungle Prince (DR Grand Prix erfolgr.), Roosevelt v. Rousseau (DR int. PSG/Inter I erfolgr.), Dumbledore v. De Niro (DR PSG/Inter I erfolgr.), Fabio v. For Pleasure (SPR int. 1,50 m erfolgr.), Lord Lennox 22 v. Lux (SPR 1,40 m erfolgr.), Rio’s Romeo 3 v. Raphael (DR S erfolgr.), Landlove v. Lancaster (SPR 1,40 m erfolgr.), Florentinus K v. Florianus, Rebelle v. Don Schufro (DR int. PSG/Inter I erfolgr.), Redford 56 v. Riverside (DR M erfolgr.), Fleetwood Mac 23 v. Fabregas (DR M erfolgr.)

Bred by Ingrid Altepost.


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Royal Temptation (OPM)

Bred by Aspen Leaf Farm

Age 2016
Breed Oldenburg
Height 16.3+h
Gender Mare
Color Bay
Lineage Temptation - El/SPS Royal Coeur (Royal Hit - Le Coeur)

Royal Temptation competed at second level, schooling third and fourth level. Reserve Champion at the Breeder Championships for Four Year olds. One of the highest scoring GOV mares at 2020 inspection with an overall 8. Competed in the four and five year old classes nationally ranked with also great aptitude for jumping.  Her mother and older brother were Grand Prix horses, her other brother on his way, and her third brother, the highest scoring stallion in NA at the 2022 stallion test.

She had a gorgeous son by ET, sired by Marta Kauffman’s Sondheim, who we have named Sonder and are retaining as an FEI/stallion prospect.  A wonderful filly sired by Iron was born by ET in May 2023.

She is carrying a foal by Monterey, and we have Bon Courage frozen if we decide to breed her again in 2023 or 2024.

Her damline is ALLERWELTSFRAU, Hannover Stutenstamm 4192002, Schridde 780.

Isla Eden (SPMC)

Age 2018
Breed Oldenburg
Height 17.1+ h (177 cm)
Gender Mare
Color Chestnut
Lineage Ibiza - Krack C - Laurie's Crusader xx

Lovely imported mare by the top producing stallion Ibiza out of an interestingly-bred mother.  At her first show, she scored over 81% and secured an 86%+ in her first four year old qualifier. Also qualified at training level for regionals.

She did her GOV mare test in early 2023 with a 7.73, an inspection score of 7.5,  and is in foal to NA 2022 stallion test winner Galaxy Coeur.  She is a Special Premium Mare Candidate).

We plan to retain her Galaxy Coeur foal (expected to be a filly), but she will be available in 2024 if she does have a filly.

Her mare line is FEUERKRONE, Hannover Stutenstamm 1194103, Schridde 707.


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